Brooklyn District 33
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We all must work together to face the challenges of these truly unprecedented times; coronavirus, economic, educational, and environmental challenges beyond anything we’ve seen before. Rising crime rates in our most vulnerable communities. Families forced to ask themselves if it’s safe to send their kids to school while others wonder if they’ll be able to afford groceries.

As New Yorkers we do not back down from adversity. Crisis unites us; it makes us stronger. We will emerge from these dark times a better city, unified by a single goal. 

Speaking at the rally to Save the Promenade
Our story has not been written yet.

I am running for the New York City Council to bring positive change and solutions to city government. I am a community advocate with a long record of being a voice for Brooklyn. Be it fighting to protect affordable housing for working families (A5438), supporting legislation for our SEIU workers, procuring funding for our parks as co-founder of the Cadman Park Conservancy, gathering support for the non-essential helicopter ban, or working with our neighbors to save the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, for nearly two decades I’ve been here ensuring City Hall doesn’t ignore our neighborhoods.

Honoring Brooklyn's remaining WWII Heroes
We need to rethink how city government spends our tax dollars.

Let’s reinvest in our public schools, our hospitals, public transportation, and small businesses. Let’s ensure that city employees are provided a safe work environment and fair pay. Let’s make sure our seniors can thrive in the communities they helped build. Let’s recognize homelessness for the deeper more complex combination of issues that it is: mental illness, drug abuse, domestic violence, and lack of affordable housing. Let’s end systemic racism on a level not seen since the Civil Rights Era.

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