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Democrat for NY City Council District 33
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Fulton Ferry | Greenpoint | Williamsburg
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Downtown Brooklyn | Bed-Stuy

Let’s face it: there is a clear disconnect between City Hall and the rest of us.

I got my start in community organizing 16 years ago advocating for affordable housing. I saw too many people left out of a system that was created for them. So, I drafted a bill to increase income eligibility to include teachers, nurses, and city workers. That bill (S8501) became law in 2013. 

Just talking about affordable housing isn’t enough. I am working with city agencies to modify an existing program that will jumpstart real affordable housing opportunities for low, moderate and middle-income New Yorkers. But I’m just getting started. 

Our city faces immense challenges. We expect our leaders to provide us with a road map forward.  That will be my priority on day one.

And while COVID-19, police reform, and school safety will continue to dominate our agenda for some time, we also need to strengthen the safety net for at risk children and seniors, ensure our teachers and other union workers have a safe work environment, protect schools, libraries, and parks from unfair budget cuts, make our subways and buses accessible for ALL, and ensure equal rights for our Black, Brown and LGBTQ+ communities. 

Some might look at the challenges ahead and flinch, I look at our current condition and see opportunities. Times are changing and our city must change its antiquated ways. We must reform how our city spends our tax dollars. We need true accountability. 

I’ve always been a fighter for my community, but City bureaucracy is unyielding, and they fight us every step of the way. You just can’t let it stop you. I’m the guy who rolls up his sleeves and fixes things. And not alone – I bring people together.  That’s why I believe I’m the most qualified person to serve you as your next City Council Member.

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Toba Potosky 

Save the Promenade

ADVOCATE | Rally to save the Promenade

ACTIVIST | Demanding a Ban on Non-Essential Helicopters over Brooklyn

ACTIVIST | Calling for ban of non-essential helicopters over Brooklyn

ORGANIZER | Drafted Housing Bill (A5438) to ensure working families access to quality affordable housing

The Family

FAMILY | Ronni and I met on a blind date. This October will mark our 27th wedding anniversary. Our Dog Maddy adopted us from North Shore Animal League.


UNION STRONG: Toba fights alongside SEIU/32BJ workers for better wages and safer working conditions.


COORDINATOR | Arranged luncheon for 200 essential workers at Brooklyn Hospital Center


ACTIVIST | Secured phase one funding for boiler replacement project


NEIGHBOR | Co-founder of the Cadman Park Conservancy, secured $10 million for renovations and capital repairs projects.


ORGANIZER | Calling for repairs to Clark Street Station elevators


GRATITUDE | Created the Brooklyn War Memorial Honors as a way to say thank you to our remaining Brooklyn WWII and Korean War veterans

NEIGHBORS & FRIENDS | Always time for a chat.

PROUD CYCLIST | John and Pompey, my riding buddies, after completing the NYC Century Ride (for the second time).


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